Managed IT Services

Technology is the backbone of business operations so it's critical that you implement the right solution. MBC Managed IT Services are designed to remotely monitor and resolve IT issues before they cause problems for your business...

Support On-Demand

We understand the limited operational cost of small and medium businesses, therefore MBC offers Support On-Demand Services for a wide variety of technology consulting, remote and on-site service, technology planning and upgrading, hardware and software, and other services are available on request.

Virus Removal

Malicious software comes in several forms and can damage your personal documents and system files. A virus can present itself as a pop up advert or you may not even know you are infected. MBC can remove all types of virus and malicious software in-store or on-siteā€¦

Repairs & Upgrades

We can diagnose and repair most computer issues include machines that are slow, crashing, freezing or have blue screens of death. If your current pc isn't quite up to playing the latest games or perhaps it takes longer to load programs than you'd like, upgrading is an affordable way to boost the performance of your system.

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